How To Report Hackers!

Want to report hackers/racism or appeal a ban? Here is the place to do it
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Time of ban: rough estimate
Admin who banned you: if unknown its ok
Reason for ban: what you think you were banned for

How To Report Hackers!

Postby PointBlank » Sun Feb 05, 2006 5:08 pm

To report hackers on the tU server, please give us the following information:

1.) Report Hacker's Username at that time
2.) Record SteamID of hacker (See SteamID Guide for help)
3.) Record Demo of hacker (See Demo Guidefor help)
4.) Report all of the following under the "Bans" Section, in a new post.

Methods on how to send demos to tU for review:

1.) Upload the demo in the Demo Uploader here: then
Give the demo file's URL included in your post
2.) Ask any member in tU if you can send them your demo.

***Reporting hackers helps us dearly!!! We cannot emphasize enough how much it helps keep the server a fun place to play. Reporting hackers will gain you respect from tU.***
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